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Shopaxee iPhone Privacy Magnetic Glass Cover - 360° MagCase

Shopaxee iPhone Privacy Magnetic Glass Cover - 360° MagCase

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Looking for the perfect iPhone case with 360° protection and privacy features?
Privacy screen protection
This unique case comes with a built-in privacy screen protector . It guarantees your personal privacy at all times and prevents unwanted viewers from seeing what you are doing on your screen. Your information is always safe .

360° all-round protection:
The clear anti-peek case offers 360° all-round protection for your screen, held by robust aluminum . This offers you a full protection for your phone against drops, bumps and scratches . Your iPhone is protected from every angle .       

High-quality materials:
Private Case™ 360° is made of high quality materials that not only provide solid protection but also ensure durability. The aluminum along with the protective glass ensures your iPhone is safe and looks as good as it works .      

Compatible with wireless charging:
No more hassle with removing your phone case for wireless charging. Our case is designed to be 100% compatible with all wireless chargers , allowing you to charge your phone smoothly and efficiently .

FAQs and Answers:

Question 1: Is Private Case™ 360° really compatible with all wireless chargers?
Answer:  Yes, Private Case™ 360° is designed to be 100% compatible with all types of wireless chargers.
Question 2: Does the case really protect my screen from prying eyes?

Answer:  Absolutely! Private Case™ 360° has an integrated privacy screen that protects your screen from side glances.

Question 3: Is the case sturdy and resistant to bumps and falls?

Answer:  Yes, Private Case™ 360° offers solid 360° protection for your iPhone with high-quality aluminum and protective glass.

Question 4: Is it difficult to attach or remove the case?

Answer:  No, not at all. Private Case™ 360° is designed for ease of use and can be quickly and smoothly attached or detached.

Question 5: Which iPhone models fit Private Case™ 360°?

Answer:  Private Case™ 360° is compatible with several iPhone models. Please check product specifications or contact us to confirm compatibility with your specific model

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Esperanza Koelpin

Alles super…….,..

Jessika Grady


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Otto Corkery

Looks very good. Strong magnet

Mattie Deckow

Is good